The Power of The Mind, The Answer to My Happiness

I have been sitting on this blog post for quite some time, unsure of the voice that I wanted to use, second guessing the aggressive nature the message could portray, typing a few keys and hitting the back-space button real-quick.

One thing I had locked down, without a doubt, was the understanding I was hoping you would gain from this life lesson that took me so very long to learn..

Some of you may remember my pieces from my former blog “Living the Tight n’ Curvy Lifestyle” some may be brand new, either way, welcome! I feel my purpose realigned as I sit here and pound these keys with passion, for the first time in quite some while. I took a much-needed break, to focus on my business, to develop my vlogging skills and most importantly, to find my voice again. To some it may sound strange, but I find writing to be significantly more vulnerable than I do speaking to a camera. I think this comes down to the therapeutic effect I find writing to have, the ability to be real and raw in a way you wouldn’t under any other circumstance. I mean, it’s my go to homework when working with clients on emotional coaching, that has to hold some bearing.

I will not attempt to keep you here longer than your attention span allows so I will hold off on the “life story” for now. If you are eager to know more about me, have a little read through the website bio. This I will share, the sole purpose of writing this blog, that this year, I found myself. I found my happy. I found my balance. I found my purpose. How? By finding the fault in the industry and realizing I wanted nothing to do with it.

This is where it gets tricky. The challenge to avoid sounding negative while getting my point across with the burning passion that drove me here. Trust me, I have no intention of being judgemental and I too, made many of these mistakes myself. I now know better. .

The Fitness World Today…

A shredded body, a raging six pack, boulder shoulders and a plump bum. Perfectly posed photos, smiling while eating salads, crying about eating a cookie and constantly complaining about being fluffy while the rest of the world looks on in disbelief.

Editing apps, magical filters, steroids claimed as “fat burners”, skinny tea, waist trainers, hungry misery and an ocean of fake that could hydrate the Las Vegas desert.

The neurotic search for perfection, the hunger for likes, the nudity for followers #health.

I too was consumed by this world, I too had a hunger to be lean. I believed that being shredded, competing in shows and dieting year-round would make me a better coach, a more reputable trainer, people would listen to me. I didn’t care that my body was telling me to stop, that my husband was dropping down my priority list, that I in fact, was the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of #health.

My world began to rock when I realized I wouldn’t allow my own clients to live the way that I did. I encouraged them to find balance, spend time with family, exercise for health and eat for fuel… and here I was, starving, living on the treadmill, battling a thyroid that was out to get me, telling myself I was happy. Maybe I was then, maybe that is how I defined it. Not anymore.

The human mind is this extraordinary, powerful thing, you would be surprised, as I was, of what you are cable of if you train your mind the right way. My shift began slowly, I decided to look at myself the way I look at my clients. How disappointed would I be as a coach, if I heard a client saying the things I was saying to myself. Focusing on NORMAL human things. I had cellulite and rolls, stretch marks and a big nose. So what? These were all parts of my physical appearance that in no way, decided my worth as a person. I flipped the switch. I decided to look for the good and set aside the rest.  I redirected my training. I added in movement, strength, fun, things that didn’t focus on physique. I stepped off the treadmill and took my dogs for a long walk, with my husband! I visited my parents and ate some delicious homemade Bosnian cooking that my mom prepared. I began posting things I WANTED to not things that would get more likes. I personally think photos of my dogs are much cuter than photos of my ass.


I did these things, every day, with intention, with purpose and you know what happened? I became a better coach. I lived and led by example. I became a more caring wife. My husband was yet again a priority.  I enhanced the bond with my family and I reignited my passion for life and for health.  And as for my body… nothing changed! I didn’t gain 30lbs or give up on my goals. I ate for health and I trained for health. Guess what? I look healthy. An important realization is that healthy looks different on every body. You may have a six pack, a healthy lifestyle and a great mindset, the same can be said for someone who looks a little extra curvy.

What I know for sure is, health does not come in pill form, it does not come masked as a little red heart on Instagram. It is not a perfectly fabricated package with rounded glutes, shredded abs and capped shoulders. Those things do not equal health and they certainly did not equal happiness for me.

I strive to continue to be a student of life. Forever learning and never finished growing. I am thankful for all that I have gained in my lifetime and throughout my coaching career. I am even more ecstatic for what this world has yet to teach me.


I hope my personal struggles will help lessen yours!

Until next time,

Xox T



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  • Brianne M
    July 13, 2017 at 12:51 am

    Love this! Love being on this journey with you! I love that as my coach you never stop learning and in turn teaching me that there is more to the world than the gym

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