My Journey to Mommy-hood, Chapter 1

On Nov 1st, I woke up on a chilly Wednesday morning, headed to the bathroom for my typical routine and thought… let’s take the test just in case… even though I was pretty sure, I knew the results.


You see, my husband and I had decided it was time to grow our little clan and in July I had gone off birth control. Well, to my silly surprise, we didn’t get pregnant right away. I had been on birth control for years and it had done a number on my system. It took a few months to get my body back to “normal” and after having zero luck with baby, I decided to start reading and learning A LOT and tracking my cycle closer with ovulation sticks. The first one showed I hadn’t ovulated in SIXTY DAYS! One thing I knew for sure, I was not going on BC after baby came.


Back to that morning, I peed on the stick, set it aside and went about my morning routine. I had just about forgot when I saw it on the counter and TWO little lines caught my eye. No?! Could it be?! I was certainly not expecting this. In fact, I remember sitting back down on the toilet and saying to myself “everything is about to change”

That day, it took everything inside me not to call hubby crying and screaming to share the news with him! But, I held back. I had a day full of filming for my App program, met a friend for lunch and found some other daily distractions to keep me busy. I had decided I REALLY wanted to surprise hubby so I sent him a quick text and told him I had gotten my period. I felt awful because he was so upset, but, I knew it would make the news that much sweeter.


That evening, I went out and bought him a beer mug that had “dad to be” on the front, a few pink and blue balloons and made signs for Scout and Lola (our fur kids) that read brother and sister to be.


He arrived home later that night, I had placed the mug at the front door and sent the puppies with their balloons and signs on to greet their dad, I waited around the corner because I wanted to see his genuine reaction…


It. Was. Priceless!


Seeing my husband so genuinely surprised and happy, knowing we had been wanting this for the past 6 months and the wait made it even more worthwhile, it was such a moving moment. We both shed tears and smiled for hours to come!


** I will be sharing my entire pregnancy journey on this blog, being 6.5 months pregnant now, there is so much more to come **

Thanks for reading,

xox T

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