My Journey to Mommy-Hood, Chapter 3

Entering the second trimester felt like a breeze, or as my midwife calls it, the honey moon stage!


My body, mind and head had finally begun to adjust to the changes and hormones that had been flooding in daily. I was able to get my workouts back to full speed, eat normal food again and go weeks without a migraine.


The best part of the second trimester, finding out the gender of our little one.

We went in for our 19-week appointment SO excited and SO anxious to find out the gender of our babes. We, along with everyone but my mom, were convinced we were having a boy.  We had made the decision that we would wait to find out in private and just get the ultrasound tech to write down the gender and seal it for us in an envelope.



We had this whole plan, well let’s face it, it was mainly me, to go to the bake shop and get them to make us some special cupcakes. Hubby was hesitant that they could not do this on the fly and convinced me to go with plan B, the shoe reveal.

Heading straight to the mall after our appointment, we went into the nearest shoe store and picked out two little pairs, one boy and one girl. We told the clerk what we were trying to do, asked her to pick the correct pair based on the card and to pack it up for us. Hubby decided to wait outside the store while I paid for the shoes. She brings them to the till, all is going well, she asks if it’s my baby, I tell her yes and then she says… So when is SHE due?

I looked at her like I had just seen a ghost, her facial response was the same. The poor girl was mortified and all I could do was laugh. We were both so convinced it was a boy and secretly hoping for a girl, this was a great surprise. Not the one I had anticipated, but that’s life, isn’t it?

I walked out of the store, hubby read the look on my face and knew immediately. “You know!” I told him what had happened and that I wanted him to still be surprised. We decided he could wait until we got to the car, but not much longer.


As he was about to open the box, he said “ It’s a boy, I know it is”



And then that lid came off unveiling a little pair of white and PINK Adidas! The look on his face was probably one of the best things I have yet to see from my husband and well worth me finding out first.



We both drove home crying in excitement, ready to tell our friends and family.


People tell you all the time, “It’s so different once you know” but you never really know the feeling until you experience it personally.


It was SO different!

We were having a baby girl.

We were going to have a daughter.


This made it so real. It enhanced the connection we both felt with baby and brought us one little step closer to becoming parents.


Baby girl Thome is going to be one little spoiled Diva & poor daddy is going to have his hands full with TWO sassy gals 😉


Xox T



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