The Third Trimester, Home Stretch

It almost seems surreal, we’re on that final stretch, the last trimester, with only a few weeks left!

Where the heck has the time gone?

I feel the need to ask myself this daily.

Currently sitting at 35 weeks pregnant, feeling larger than ever and needing to pee every 3 minutes, I would say those, thankfully, would be my only complaints.

I have managed to uphold a positive mindset throughout the larger part of this journey and I am convinced it’s the reason the pregnancy itself, has been so smooth. After all, in any situation, how you choose to look at it is the way you will perceive it!


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I was just saying to my mama yesterday, I wholeheartedly believe I have done my part, everything and anything I could have, and now it’s all in her little hands. Whatever little lady decides will happen, but, mommy did her part.

From the start, I promised myself I wouldn’t laze around, eat for “two” and use pregnancy as an excuse to take nine months off life, gain 70lbs and be miserbale. I decided it was going to be my time to thrive. To show myself and other women it was possible to maintain your identity through pregnancy!

I was luckily and healthy enough to remain active my  entire pregnancy! I stayed conscious of my nutrition, took my daily vitamins, drank 3-4 liters of water daily, meditated, read, went to chiro regularly, received regular prenatal massage, practiced hypno-birthing, sought help and support from my loving husband, continued to follow my passion and maintain my drive for my career. At this point, I feel as ready as I could be, and thankfully, more relaxed than I ever have.


Photo Credit, Pretty Light Photography

We had our most recent midwife appointment a few days ago, babes is in position and kicking like a rock star, next visit will be the home one! At the home visit, we will make our birth plan with the midwives, chat about how long to labor at home, when to call them and have any of our remaining questions answered.

One of the greatest parts of this journey has been the fact that we have had midwifery care the entire time through and to anyone considering this, I would highly recommend it! The care is not comparable to anything else!

Photo Credit, Pretty Light Photography


Little babes room is ready (see previous blog post), our hospital bag is packed, mommy and daddy are cool and collected and awaiting her arrival.

No matter the outcome of the next phase, this experience has been nothing short of remarkable and all we wish for is a safe birth and a healthy little baby to call our daughter!


Thank you to all who have been following my journey <3

Xox T

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