Top 10, New Mommy Must Haves

The past two months have been quite the whirl wind!

No matter how many books you read, podcasts you listen to and videos you watch, nothing can really prepare you for mommy life, besides mommy life itself.

The ride has been wild. It had been full of sleepless nights, poopy diapers, baby screams and most important, SO MUCH LOVE!


Is it easy?

Hell no!

But one thing you can be certain of, it’s even more amazing than people tell you.


To love another being in a way you have never loved before.

To know that you and the one you love, came together perfectly, to create this unimaginable combination of yourselves.

To feel a connection with your partner you didn’t think was possible, until now.


I am not about to sit here and give you parenting advice because quite frankly, hubby and I are just winging it;)


All the prep I put into pregnancy and all the reading I did, is exactly the opposite of how I prepared for mommy life. You know how other moms tell you that you just figure it out. Well, let me assure you, you do. Lucky for us women, there is something instinctual that just turns on. The moment you hear that first cry, you put your big, disposable, hospital, mommy panties on, and you figure it out!


What I can do for you, is share with you a few things that made my life exceptionally easier as a first-time mom!


My top, mommy must haves, if you will…


1. Nipple Pads

No secret you will need something to soak up the excess if you plan on breast feeding! The thing is, the typical pads leave a very visible, wrinkly, bumpy imprint showing through your clothes. Mommy hack? Grab two well shaped nursing bra inserts and stick the pads to them. Smooth, well-shaped and leak free!


2.Nature Bond Milk Catcher

This thing is a life saver! If you have already been breast feeding, you know that milk is liquid gold! Why would you ever want to let it go to waste? I was so surprised to find that there was up to 2oz of drop off from one feeding alone. Less pumping is always a win for me!


3. Nipple Cream

I bet you’re beginning to see a trend here? One of the most difficult and amazing parts of mommy life is breast feeding. Luckily, my little one was a champ with the latch but even then, cluster feeds can wreak havoc on those tender bits. I loved having a natural and a medication option depending on how close I was feeding her to the treatment and how extreme the discomfort was. The medical is a compound one made by our midwives and the natural one is Earth Mama which I would highly recommend.


4. All natural everything!

Your baby will be all up in your grill, I mean ALL up in it! From skin to skin, feeding, cuddling and even sucking on your shoulder when rooting, the last thing you want is baby ingesting chemicals from the products you use. I have opted to go all natural with my body wash, lotion, deodorant and skin care routine! My favorite body brands would have to be Sunna Tan and the Honest Company and I swear by my own creation of skin care products, FRSH beauty! I have also ditched my old perfumes for an all-natural, baby friendly, essential oil roller from YL.


5.Nursing Bras.

When feeding time hits, you want quick and easy access, no doubt. The problem? Nursing anything is SO expensive! These Amazon and Babies R Us finds are cute, comfy, convenient and super affordable. I’ve been living in them!


6.Nursing tanks!

These are insanely convenient especially while out. Not having to fumble with shirts and bras, having it all in one is a life saver. The fit is quite flattering and the tanks are true to size. I ordered the 3 pack and loved it so much that I ended up ordering a second round in different colors. Amazon for the win!


7. Breast pump.

Being 100% honest, I hate pumping. It’s super boring and time consuming. I mean, who has the time to sit there and pump when you could be doing a million other things with a busy newborn. We opted for a pricier pump to speed up the process and allow for some mommy multitasking. The Medela kit came with bottles, pump, carry bag, portable battery and plug in pump, pads, milk bags and so much more. I would suggest buying a pumping bra to go along it so you can pump fully hands free while you manage other mommy duties.


8.Granny panties

Any mom will tell you, the hospital underwear are AMAZING but there will come a time to dispose of those big ole diaper looking underwear and begin to get your dignity back, LOL! I loved these cotton underwear from Walmart as a transition between the hospital ones and my regular pairs. Comfy, soft, flattering shape and work well with pads that you will most likely still be using at this point.


9. Food prep!

Whether you order it or make it yourself, have food ready. This should be your number one priority before baby comes. Once baby is here, all your attention will be on them. You will be a feeding machine at first and not only will you not have time, you probably won’t even be thinking about food. Have it ready and on hand so you can stay energized, feel human and keep that milk flowing!


10.Post pregnancy pants.

I was real thrown when I came home not back down to my usual pant size. I mean, I know it took 9 months to grow this babes but I somehow assumed it would take 2 days to get my body back, lol. Don’t make the same mistake and be prepped with some pants that makes you feel good and allow you to lounge around in comfort during those first few weeks. I wore my lulu align pants through my entire pregnancy and they were my go to as soon as I was home from the hospital. Whether you end up with a vaginal or c section birth, they sit high, don’t press down on any tender bits and are actually quite flattering to the postnatal body.


Well, there you have it mamas!

My mommy must haves that saved me the first few months and ones I will probably continue using through the first year of this journey!


Hope you found a few items to put on your own postnatal list!


Xox T

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