Coffee, Sarcasm, Wine & Fitness… How I’m Navigating New Motherhood

Well, here we are, four months in, where has the time gone?

The first month feels like a complete blur. The labor I thought was so tough, has been forgotten. My little baby girl who was a measly 6lbs has quickly grown to over 12. She is chatting up a storm, rolling like a pro, smiling and charming the pants off everyone she meets. She is the absolute love of my life and I would not trade this role of motherhood for the world… but has it been easy?


Heck no!

To navigate my way around this new role, I have found some tools to be quite useful, necessary if you will. Coffee, sarcasm, wine and fitness.

Now, it’s not exactly as literal as you may think… although, some days, wine is a necessity!




The symbolization that every day, is a new start.

Before I discovered this way of thought, I counted every hour of sleep, obsessed over difficult nights- right into the next day, talked about how the day before went, focused on every single day that had passed. What I discovered? Pure anxiety anticipating the days to come. Comparison of the days before. Never really being in the moment. What I learnt? Make a BIG, hot, fresh cup of coffee every morning and start new. No sleep last night? That’s ok, let it go. Today will be awesome and tonight can be different. Start each day new. Enjoy the moment you are IN.




Some days you just need to make a sarcastic joke and laugh at it all.

When you’ve changed your sweater for the fourth time and just as you’re heading out the door, little miss decides to spit up on you yet again, what’s left to do but laugh!

I would say most things in life are easier when not taken so seriously.

3 hours of sleep, poop explosions, so much spit up, a sassy girl who literally yells in your face… none of it is really detrimental. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just poop. Sleep does come back. The yelling is quite hilarious, in fact.


Laugh it off.

I know it seems like all of these little things are so very big when hormones are raging and sleep is limited but, in a few months,, you will look back and be able to laugh at yourself. Might as well begin the laughter now. Next time your baby poops in your hand, laugh, a big deep belly laugh, see how you feel after 😉



Knowing when to step back, slow down, breathe and have some mommy juice.

This one took me a hot minute to learn. Being the control freak I am, it was very difficult to step back, give baby to hubby and take a minute for me. In fact, it took me 3 months before I even had a bath, one of my favorite ways to unwind. I remember saying to my hubby how it’s been so long and how I missed that time for me… “If you want to take a bath, why not just tell me and go take a bath” he said to me. Hmmm… so simple wasn’t it? I was so focused on being there 24/7 and taking care of baby L my way, I forgot to step back when I needed it and just simply, ask for help! Dad was just as capable as mom and mom needed the break!

You can bet your cute little booty that I now, frequently, take a mommy night, have a bath, drink a glass of wine or head out for a pedi with a girlfriend. And guess what? I have the opportunity to miss my little girl, recharge and come back an even better mama than I left. Everyone wins… and wine is delicious!



Self-care, therapy (in any form that suits you) and physical release.

The moment I was cleared to workout (6 weeks) I did! Now, please note, this had nothing to do with vanity of “getting my body back.” Fitness has and is my purest form of therapy. Although my anxiety was well handled during pregnancy, it spiraled to another level with motherhood. Whether it be the lack of sleep or the hormonal change, I was vibrating from the inside out and missing my therapy sessions, bad! The moment I did my first workout, nothing of the intensity it once was, I felt the old me flood back! For those first six weeks, I was just Leilas mom. This workout brought me back to a part of me I loved, a part that allowed me to feel invigorated and passionate about something else than motherhood (YES this is allowed and encouraged)! Find the thing that makes you feel like “you” again and get to it, as soon as your body and mind allows.



Jokes and tips aside, motherhood is the wildest roller coaster I’ve ever been on and I learn something new every single day. I feel as though I am re-learning the world through my daughters’ eyes. I am getting excited about things I never cared for in the past and feeling fulfilled through the simplest of days. This is by far, the most testing and the ABSOLUTE most rewarding journey I have ever been on!


Until next time,

Xox T

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