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Born in Bosnia and raised in Canada, I am an eccentric European hot head with a real soft spot for family, friends and puppies. I spend most of my days lifting things, eating food and overbearingly squeezing my two rescue fur kids. My heart is devoted to empowering women and promoting positive body image while providing just enough tough love to stimulate positive lifestyle change.

12 years ago I decided I needed a change and I stepped into the gym for the very first time. Little did I know that that day would dictate my future for years to come. Growing up an overweight, uncomfortable young woman, never would I ever have imagined that this is where my journey would lead. Most of my adolescent years were spent attempting fad diets and purchasing ridiculous get-fit-fast weight loss “secrets.” After a long and difficult realization that these things did not work and they were harmful to my body, I decided to take the slow and steady path.

Training and nutrition quickly became of great interest to me and the more I learnt the more I wanted to know. I continued to train regularly while completing my psychology degree and soon found my deep rooted passion for wanting to help others live a happy and fulfilling life. I began my fitness career by training for a local gym but quickly decided that I wanted to follow my own path and started holding private boot camps. This soon led to training and coaching just about everyone in my inner circle and the ball propelled from there. I discovered my need for a greater challenge and began competing in fitness shows in 2011. Competing challenged my mind in ways I never thought possible and it opened the doors to numerous sponsorships and magazine publications that were a dream come true for me.

While I maintained my “big girl” job through the growth of my fitness career, I knew my heart was elsewhere. In 2013 I decided to take the big leap of faith, quit my full time job and launch myself one hundred percent into my passion. Today I can’t imagine my life anywhere else. Every day I wake up and get to do what I love. My work is based solely around helping others find confidence in their own skin and the health that their body has always deserved.

I am completely enamoured by watching my clients reach their fullest potential, find happiness in their lives and reach for their very own dreams and thankful each and every day that my passion is my career.

Let’s face it, changing your hair can be hard let alone a full lifestyle overhaul. Having a team that supports you, encourages your goals and wants you to succeed means you’ve already won half the battle! This team is so much more than a group of women who train together. They have built long lasting connections that continue to inspire and motivate them to follow their dreams and pursue their passions. When you join TayC Fitness, you get the whole team too 😉


Awards, Certificates & Nominations


CPT PTA Global

Sports Nutrition

NPAA 2014 Coach of The Year

Canadian Business Chicks, Women of Inspiration Nomination

Avenue Magazine, Top 40 Under 40 nomination


Oxygen Magazine “Future of Fitness”
Inside Fitness “Transformation Story”
Inside Fitness “Hot & Fit 100″
Eve Magazine “Heat Index”


2011 Miss Bikini Calgary Winner
2011 INBF Top 3 Bikini
2012 NPAA Top 3 Bikini
2014 WBFF Top 5 Bikini & Fitness

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